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1.文章题目:Three-dimensional collagen scaffold enhances the human adenoid cystic carcinoma cancer stem cell and epithelial–mesenchymal transition properties 
 刊:Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B:Applied Biomaterials (影响因子2.308)
发表时间:Article first published online: 21 OCT 2013.
 者:Li-Jun Liu, Jing Zhang, et al.
作者单位:1)第四军医大学口腔医院 2)新疆医科大学第一附属医院
使用产品:Human bFGF ELISA kit
2.文章题目:Regulatory Roles of the PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway in Rats with Severe Acute Pancreatitis 
 刊:PLOS ONE (影响因子3.73)
发表时间:Published: Nov 28, 2013
 者:Ping Xu mail, Jing Wang, et al.
使用产品:Rat TNF-α, IL-1β, and IL-6 ELISA kit
3.文章题目:Linear ordered collagen scaffolds loaded with collagen-binding basic fibroblast growth factor facilitate recovery of sciatic nerve injury in rats 
 刊:Tissue Engineering Part A (影响因子4.065)
发表时间:Online Ahead of Editing: November 4, 2013.
 者:Fukai Ma, Zhifeng Xiao, et al.
作者单位:1)中国人民解放军军事综合医院 2)南方医科大学
使用产品:Human bFGF ELISA kit
4.文章题目:Multitargeted protective effect of Abacopteris penangiana against carrageenan-induced chronic prostatitis in rats 
 刊:Journal of Ethnopharmacology (影响因子2.755)
发表时间:Available online 7 November 2013
 者:Xian Yang, Liuliu Yuan, et al.
使用产品:Rat TNF-α and IL-1β ELISA kit
5.文章题目:The significant increase and dynamic changes of the myeloid-derived suppressor cells percentage with chemotherapy in advanced NSCLC patients 
 刊:Clinical and Translational Oncology (影响因子1.276)
发表时间:November 2013
 者:S. Wang, Y. Fu, et al.

使用产品:human IFN-γ ELISA kit